WordPress 5.3 Image Upload Error

Unable To Upload Images After Updating To WordPress 5.3

WordPress has rolled out latest update for its blogging platform, the WordPress 5.3 which do comes with lots of enhancements, features and bug fixes. I too updated my all websites to this latest version but after updating I noticed a common error across all of my websites is that when I was trying to upload any image to the post, it failed to upload image and even when I try to upload image from Media section, again it failed and gives an error to you. After looking through some forum and WordPress support websites, I came to know that it is a common error which most of the users are facing this error as soon as they have updated their WordPress to the latest version.

WordPress 5.3 Image Upload Error

If you were trying to upload image through post section, then it wont upload anything, and if you go via media section, then error message which you might be receiving is –

Post-processing of the image failed. If this is a photo or a large image, please scale it down to 2500 pixels and upload it again.”


Solution of this error is very simple, once you have updated to WordPress 5.3, files conflict with cached files of your websites, so if you too getting this error all you have to do is delete all cached files.

You might be using any cached plugin like WP-Rocket Or W3 Total Cache Or WP Super Cache, just navigate to the respective plugin and delete your cached files. Once you do this, you are good to go.

If you are still not able to upload images then just clear your browser cache files and try to upload images again, and this time you will be able to do without any error.