Check Domain Spam

Things To Do Before Buying Used Domains

Nowadays everyone wants to build a website and reach out their respective clients as its an easy way to reach wide change of people, but finding your desired is not an easy task as most of the time when you search for a domain it shows domain name is unavailable and someone have already bought that domain. Recently I was working for a client and while making his website I was unable to get his desired domain as its been already bought by someone, but what I found is that the person who have purchased that domain, now its up for sale.

Check Domain Spam

Well at first sight it looks a nice option as my client was getting domain which he was looking for but its not that easy as it seems, like you just send a email to website owner and ask him to sale that domain. If you too are in situation when you find your desired domain is already been purchased then before buying that domain make sure you do some research and check the health of that domain.

#1 Site-Colon Search

At first I would suggest you to do a site-colon search ( on Google and other search engines and if you dont find any content on SERP (search engine result page) then its a bad sign. As its a old domain so there needs to be some search results and if its not there then it could be possible that domain might be penalized by search engine for spammy contents.

#2 Get some analytic reports

When you are buying a domain, you should ask domain owner to share some analytic reports with you, this result will show the trends, referrals, search terms and some more traffic insight reports which gives you a good idea about that domain.

#3 Do Search On is a non-profit organization which caches snapshots of webpages at different period of time, so when you search your domain on and check what content that website was having earlier will give you an idea whether there were any spammy contents on that domain or not.

With above methods you will get a fair idea about the health of that domain and you will know whether its been used in bad ways or not, and on the basis of this you will take your decision to buy it or not.

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