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Digital Marketing And Blogging Tips I Have Learned From Porn

Lets admit it, we all has watched porn in life and some of us or I would say most of us still loves to watch porn, its been proved in many surveys that watching porn reduces your tension and sometime also bost your energy level, here I mean energy level to get your work done, not the other energy which you might be thinking of.


In these so many years of working as blogger and internet consultant I had learned a lot not from my competitors, from this ever growing market, but also from porn, yes I had learn some blogging and internet marketing tips from porn as well, so here is my list :-

Anal, Always Try Something new :-

In today’s world if you digg then you will find that there is a blog on almost every topic, and some of them are doing very good, so if you try to join that league then you have to do something new, you need to think out of box and create your own identity and style for which people follow you and read you, if you copy others then forget that you will be able to build your own audience ever.

Teaser, Give Something For Free :-

Have you ever visited porn stars or any porn studio website, of course you had, that’s why you are reading this article, you might have seen that they show you little teaser or video of 1 or 2 minutes for free and when you start liking it and press more button then they will ask you to pay, same thing happen in online marketing, try to give something for free to your audience but dont give everything for free.

Here I am not saying you to start charging your readers for reading your blog, but what I am saying is if you have any research work or any eBooks which you had written then you can ask readers to subscribe to your email newsletter or subscribe to your YouTube channel and so on, and people will do it as long as everyone loves free contents.

Focus On Niche

Porn industry is very wide and you will find lots of studios and porn stars coming and joining this league, but have you ever noticed that only big houses or only players who are focusing on a particular area are doing well.

So instead of going for all or covering each and every topic, I would suggest you to focus on a niche market and try to cover it, and as a result of this you will be able to cover it more properly, will get more time to think how to make it more attractive and what should be your new plan.

Be Consistent :-

If you are following any porn studio then you will find that they continuously release new movies in regular interval, and this allows them to create more hype and it also helps them to generate more sale, Same thing can be applied on blogging, you have to be consistent, try to contribute article 3 or 4 times a week, or if you can, then try to post at least one article everyday.

Credit Card Tactics :-

Have you ever came across any website on which some of the contents are free and when you click on more buttons it ask you to enter your credit cards details, they will not charge you instantly but after a month when your credit card bill comes you will find an unknown charge is there and when you digg into its details then you will find its from the same porn website on which you had entered your details.

If you are going to ask credit cards details of your customers then make sure you provide all details like how much you will charge, you should provide details about money back option, and most importantly, your contact details so that they can contact you in emergency.

Try To Relate with Real World :-

Everyone loves real world example, recently there was some reports which shows porn created on real world examples like Hustler series of Hollywood movies has gained much success and its one of the most watched porn series across the globe.

Same thing can applied on online marketing, if you can provide real example while selling any product then the conversion ratio of such products will be higher, as now people know in which scenario that product has been used and what was its result.

Video Is King, But don’t forget about other :-

Yes video is the king, and it can be seen on porn websites as well, but don’t forget other media like images, on many social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, video might not give you that result which you might be able to accomplished with images.

Try to use misture of video, images and text on your social networking sites and try to understand on which social media channel your audience is active and try to focus on that media more.

There is always a room for amateurs :-

One thing which is universal truth in any industry is that there is always a room for new comers, most of the porn studios hire new comers on regular basis and the reason behind this is that people love to see new things, they love new contents coming from new people.

If you can contribute something new or if you can show a different view on any matter then you will surely get better results, dont forget its your point of view which your readers wants to know, and they dont want to read what other’s has already written on their blogs.

Online is the future :-

Its no doubt, online is the future, earlier there used to porn megazine which has sold good number of copies around the globe, but now as you can see none of us go for those hard copies and instead of those we are now focusing more on subscribing online edition of those magazines or studios.

Same is the case with digital marketing or blogging, earlier there was huge demand of technology based magazines, even I had subscribed few of them like Digit and few more, but now I am not anymore subscriber of those hard copies magazine, and now I had subscribed to their blog newsletters or following them on social media, it has many benefit like its free, i can read stories when they are online, I will get alerts about new stories and most importantly, now I can directly interact with author of those stories.

MILF, respect your elders :-

No doubt if you have ever saw porn industry survey then you will find that MILF is one of the most demanding and ever rising category, there are lots of people’s who are wiling watch bedroom session between an elder and a younger guy.

Here in blogging or digital marketing, if you respect your elders, respect those guys who had spent most of their time on this field then I am sure you will get good response from them and as being new, you must need help from your seniors, so if you dont respect them then you will be alone in this field and its not easy to survive in this way.

Threesome, teamwork :-

There are very few works in world which you can do alone, in most of the cases you need to work in a team or need help from other to accomplish your task,

Like in threesome porn, each porn stars help each others to reach their goal (I think organism is the goal of them), in blogging or digital marketing as well you need help from your seniors, or even from you client to reach your goal.

Sometime you may stuck somewhere and you don’t have any idea what social media strategy will benefit you, or many times you need to find out what will be the best social media channel to push your product and so on, here you can take help of your fellow bloggers or colleagues.

These were some lessons which I had learnt from porn movies as of now, if you also has learnt something then do share it below in comment section.

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