WordPress Update Not Required Error

[Solved] WordPress No Update Required Error

Recently I was working on one of my website and usually never update my WordPress as soon as it is available, I wait for some days or may be couple of weeks to see if there are any error or problem with update, and if everything seems fine to me then I proceed with update, and by that time most of the plugin or themes update are also available. While working on one of my website, I decided to update it to the latest WordPress version, and as usual update was fine and but after updating, WordPress asked that Database Update is not required as my database is already up to date and I can continue with it, and when I clicked on Continue, it redirected me to homepage.

WordPress Update Not Required Error

This usually don’t happen, but I tried to login, but as soon as I login, it again tell me that No Update Required, as database is up to date, and on clicking Continue, again back to homepage.

This is not a common error which you might find, but now I was facing it and I have to solve it, first I thought it might be due to cache issue, so I used different machine and again facing same issue.

Solving No Update Required Error –

In no time, I knew this is the issue due to caching plugin and I need to delete a file which keep database cache information or just rename it.

So to solve this issue, all you have to do is use any FTP client and navigate to your files, and inside Wp-Content folder, you will find a object-cache.php file, and just delete or just rename that file.

Once done, again try to login to your admin panel and you will be able to do so with no more error.