Mautic MaxMind IP Lookup failed

[Solved] MaxMind IP Lookup Service Failed In Mautic

If have ever tried or got your hands dirty in email marketing of affiliated marketing then you must be aware of a free and open source email automation application, Mautic, actually Mautic is much more than just an email automation application, it allows you to do so much other things like campaign management, landing page creation and so on. The best part about this application is free and self hosted, which means you are not going to spend a single penny (other than you hosting) for your email, and as its a self hosted, you will have full control over its working and you can manage it according to your needs. It’s a complete marketing automation platform which you can host and manage from your own server.

Mautic MaxMind IP Lookup failed

If you are doing email marketing or any other affiliate marketing then you know the importance of knowing your audience and one of the important factor is knowing from which place you are getting traffic so that you can target them in better way.

Mautic allows you to get the location of your audience with the help of MaxMind Geo Lite2 service, this is a free service and is more than enough for the beginners and even for some advance users.

Recently MaxMind has changed their policy due to the change in the GDPR and CCPA policies, and due to which if now you try Update IP data Lookup, it says –

Automatically fetching IP lookup data failed.

There is an easy fix for this problem which we are going to discuss here, but before this make sure you are on the latest version of Mautic

  • First you need to visit MaxMind website and create an free account
  • Once you are done with account creation and email verification, navigate to This page and grab your own license key, make sure you say No when it says Old versions of our GeoIP Update program use a different license key format. Will this key be used for GeoIP Update?

MaxMind Generate License

  • Now head over to your Mautic Dashboard and go to Settings > Configuration > System Settings > Miscellaneous Settings
  • Select MaxMind GeoLite2 City Download in IP lookup service and enter your License Key in IP lookup service authentication
  • Click on Update the Database and you are done

Mautic MaxMind IP Lookup Success

  • You will get success message

If you are using MaxMind IP Lookup service in any other platform and facing similar issue then try the above solution, it might help you.