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Many times I want to buy some product then first I check all of the websites available in my country and look for that product whether it is available there or not, if its there then I am done, but if that product is not available there then I have to go to global website like or so on and look for Ship to India, but not all products will fall into this category and many times you won’t find seller ready to ship product to India or to your country.


Then you left with two options, if you have any relatives there then just ask for their address, get that product delivered there and ask your relative to ship that product to you, but its a time consuming and not all of us have relatives in US or UK.

Now you have just one option, use forwarding services like Shop & Ship (S&S) which provides you a personalized local address of US, UK or of other countries so that you can get your product delivered there and then they will ship it to you. Shop & Ship is currently available in over 80 destinations globally.

Isn’t it good, well these companies charge you a healthy amount of money for their services, but today you can get this service for free of cost which usually cost $45.

ShopAndShip Coupon

Just head over to Ship&Shop and signup for their basic membership, fill all details and use the following coupon when on the payment page.


And that’s it, you will get the lifetime membership for nothing. If you ever need to buy products from out of your country, then this service will be there to help you out.

P.S. At the time of filling this story, this coupon is working, please let us know if it is not working for you and also do share your feedback on this or any other similar service.