Ping Services List

Ping List For WordPress And Other Website For Fast Indexing

Writing post or content is one of the crucial and most important task, your content should be unique and new so that readers can gain something from it, but having a great content is not the only thing you need, you need to syndicate your blog post and let the world know that you have written something on something and then only you will get viewers, let say you have written a great piece of content but still you are not able to get good number of viewers to your website or blog, Why?

Ping Services List

We all know the original and worthy traffic comes from search engines, neither direct nor social media traffic can beat the search engine traffic, so you need to tell each of the search engines that you have published something as soon as you are done with posting your content.

There are tons of search engines or crawler which can help you to get organic traffic but it’s not possible for you to tell them manually each time when you publish a post, here come the ping services which helps you. These ping services ping the search engines and let them know about your content.

We have compiled the best and useful ping services which you can use on your website to drive traffic, we update this list time to time, so make sure you check it regularly.

[*] Make sure you add your XML sitemap url in place of SITEMAP-URL in above list.

If you are using WordPress, then just head to Settings->Writing and copy and paste above list under ping options, if you are on any other platform then also you can use above ping services to let the world know about your new posts or contents.