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How To Check Domain Authority And Page Rank Of A Website

I still remember those days when we all use to check page rank of a website to get an idea how popular and big a website is, I am sure anyone who had started his blogging journey couple of years back, must have check his PR. Although I am not huge fan of these metrics but still they play important role for your online venture, many times you will be judge with these metrics only, and many times you need to know about your competitors so these metrics comes handy.

Google Page Rank Dead

But Google hasnt updated PR from a long time, and now its considered totally dead, so if PR is gone then how to keep eye on your competitors, and when you want to monetize your blog further you need to know these things.

So we need something to measure our growth, yes we can see it through our Google Analytic but what when we need to compare it with our competitors, we cant get their Google Analytic data to compare, so in this case you can use Domain Authority and Page Authority.

And the good thing over here is that these DA and PA is not made up by new start up, its coming from Moz itself, I think you know Moz if dont then I really feel sorry for you. Both DA and PA are measured in the scale of 0-100, higher means better.

Moz says :-

Domain Authority predicts how well a website will rank on search engines, while Page Authority is as same as DA, while DA is for domain, PA measures the strength of individual page.

To check your Domain Authority or Page Authority, visit Moz’s Open Site Explorer (OSE) page and enter your domain to see the score.

TechnoArea Domain Authority

Do share what score your domain has got and what you thing and how you gonna use these metrics.