ZesleCP Login

How To Change ZesleCP Root Password Via SSH

No doubt ZesleCP is one of the most widely used and popular free control pane available, it comes with all of the basic and advance features one needs to manage their server. Installation of this control panel is very easy and you can install it in couple of clicks, and if by chance you got stuck somewhere then there is wide community which can always help you or you can always refer Zesle docs which has guides for you . Recently, I had started sing Amazon Web Services for a new project, and as you know AWS is again one of the best web services you can get and best part is that it do has free tier support on which you can get, even after free tier usage, you only need to pay for what you are going to use.

ZesleCP Login

After installation of ZesleCP, it dont give you any login username or password to enter into your dashboard, as you have to use your server’s root password to login into ZesleCP dashboard.

But if you had ever used AWS then you might know that it never give you any username or password, instead you have to login to your server via private key.

So to get into ZesleCP, you have to login to server via SSH, which you can do easily, and once you are into SSH, just type following command –

sudo passwd root

Once you type above command, it will ask you to set new password, just type your desired password, and confirm it, and your are done.

So basically, we had changed the password of root user, now head back to your ZesleCP and try to login using the password you had just set, and Bingo, you are in and you can start using ZesleCP and manage your server.