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Infolinks Review; One Of The Best Ad Network, Really?

If you own a blog or website and if you want to monetize it then you must have searched for popular ad networks which will help you to generate money from your blog, then Infolinks is one name which you must have seen almost everywhere, it’s also one of the best Google Adsense alternative as well, but does it really worth? Let’s try to find out what Infolinks is and do you need to use it on your blog or just skip it like you had done with most of the Ad Networks.

Infolinks Review

Like any of you, when I had decided to monetize my blog(s), I had searched for ad networks, join many of them, use them and leave most of them as they are not worth of using. I am using Infolinks from past four years and its working very well for us.

Can I Use Infolinks With Adsense:-

This is one of very frequently asked question which I get from most of the readers, and answer to this question is Yes, you can use Infolinks with your Adsense.

Signup And Setup:-

One thing which I like most on Infolinks is that it’s very easy to signup and setup, you can create the account in just 10 minutes and then you can add your website or blog in Infolinks, then your website will be reviewed and once Infolinks approve your website, then you can start using it.

In my experience, I have seen, Infolinks approves your website in 24 hours, and many times my websites were approved in just 12 hours as well, which is a good thing as you don’t have to wait long to start using it.

Once your account is approved, then you can either use official plugins available for WordPress and other platforms or just copy paste code provided by them on your website and it will start showing ads in juts few minutes.

Type Of Ads On Infolinks:-

The good thing here is that you just need to select the category of websites and then it will automatically show ads according to your websites contents and you will start making money.

UI Of Infolinks Dashboard:-

Here I would say, UI is bit outdated and nothing fancy here, but it do provide all tools which you need to customize ads like change color of ads, a number of links ads and some more, you can also generate reports according to your requirement.

Payout On Infolinks:-

After using lots of ad network, I can easily say Infolinks is not a scam and it really work perfectly, and especially if you have traffic from US and UK then you will be able to make some good amount of money from Infolinks.

There are several payout options available on Infolinks like Paypal, Cheque, or Wire Transfer. The minimum payout on Infolinks is $50 via Paypal, in my experience, I had never faced any issue in payout from Infolinks.

Infolinks Affiliates:-

Many of you might not know, but Infolinks do provide affiliate program which you need to activate, and another strange thing is Infolinks do not provide any way to track or monitor it, however, I did get commission couple of times for this.

Final Words On Infolinks:-

As per my personal use, I would say Infolinks is one of the best textual ad networks out there, it work perfectly and setup process is easy and simple, there is mobile app as well for Android and iOS which lets you monitor and track your account on the go.

Signup For Infolinks

Watch Video:-

How To Check Domain Authority And Page Rank Of A Website

I still remember those days when we all use to check page rank of a website to get an idea how popular and big a website is, I am sure anyone who had started his blogging journey couple of years back, must have check his PR. Although I am not huge fan of these metrics but still they play important role for your online venture, many times you will be judge with these metrics only, and many times you need to know about your competitors so these metrics comes handy.

Google Page Rank Dead

But Google hasnt updated PR from a long time, and now its considered totally dead, so if PR is gone then how to keep eye on your competitors, and when you want to monetize your blog further you need to know these things.

So we need something to measure our growth, yes we can see it through our Google Analytic but what when we need to compare it with our competitors, we cant get their Google Analytic data to compare, so in this case you can use Domain Authority and Page Authority.

And the good thing over here is that these DA and PA is not made up by new start up, its coming from Moz itself, I think you know Moz if dont then I really feel sorry for you. Both DA and PA are measured in the scale of 0-100, higher means better.

Moz says :-

Domain Authority predicts how well a website will rank on search engines, while Page Authority is as same as DA, while DA is for domain, PA measures the strength of individual page.

To check your Domain Authority or Page Authority, visit Moz’s Open Site Explorer (OSE) page and enter your domain to see the score.

TechnoArea Domain Authority

Do share what score your domain has got and what you thing and how you gonna use these metrics.

Now You Can Embedded Twitter Hosted Videos On Website

Twitter is one of the most widely used social networking website and almost all brands and celebs has their presence over it, Twitter allows you to interact with each other in a simple and interactive manner, and as its users are growing day by day, company is also taking feedback from its users and improving its service and the latest edition to its improvement was that Twitter users can now directly upload video to Twitter.

Earlier you have to host videos to a third party website like YouTube or so on and then you can post that URL in your tweet but with the addition of this feature users can now directly upload videos from Twitter’s official app and tweet it.

Now another problem with this feature was that there was no way to embedded these tweeted videos to your webpage like you can do with any other tweets. But today Twitter has announced a solution for this problem and now you can also will be able to embedded videos from Twitter to any website.

Twitter Video Embedded

Embedding is simple, just open any tweet which contains videos and click on three dots ‘•••’ (see image above) and click on Embed Video option, then you will get an HTML code which you can copy and paste on your webpage where you want to show that video.

That’s it, once you update your webpage with that code, you will find video is embedded on it along with original tweet.

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