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How To Install PhpMyAdmin On Webmin/Virtual

Recently I was working on a project and for that I had got a fresh VPS machine, and that machine has got nothing, so basically it was an unmanaged VPS and I have to work on it from scratch to make it up and running, so for that I install Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu is one of my favorite OS when it comes to server. Once I had an OS installed, and machine is booted I can install other things on it, but first thing I wanted to installed  was a Control Panel so that I can easily manage server and do other stuffs on it like add websites, change DNS, add mail, create/edit databases, make allocations and so much more.

PhpMyAdmin Webmin Virtualmin

I can always got with cPanel, which is the most popular Control Panel but it comes with a very hefty cost and as I was working on a small project so I was not interested in buying cPanel, so I decided to go with Webmin, which is a very popular, and free.

So I installed Webmin/Virtualmin and everything was up and running, websites has been added, DNS entries were there, and everything was ready.

But now I need to import database so that I have website in its old state. Webmin/Virtualmin comes with a database manager in which you can make all database related task but I like to use PhpMyAdmin to manage database as it comes with easy to use UI.

Installing PhpMyAdmin is not an issue on Webmin/Virtualmin, all you need to do is login to your Webmin/Virtualmin admin panel and go to Webmin -> System -> Software Packages, and there you can search for PhpMyAdmin and install it.

Webmin Virtualmin PhpMyAdmin Software

But when I did and tried to access it via https://my-ip-address/phpymyadmin, I got error and instead of having login page, I was getting raw code, I tried installing some php modules, but never got it working.

After several trial and error, finally got a work around which we are going to use here.

Installing PhpyMyAdmin on Webmin/Virtualmin –

First we are going to make a sub-domain, let say, you can make it on any of your website which you have added on your Webmin/Virtualmin.

Once you have sub-domain registered, now select that sub-domain and click on Install Script from sidebar and then you will have PhpMyAdmin option under Available Scripts, select it and install it on your server.

Webmin Virtualmin Install Script

Now we have to create a root user so that you can manage and do all task from it, for this go to Webmin -> Servers -> MySql Database Server, here click on User Permission and then create a new users.

Provide any name, set  password, host will be your localhost, and in permission, select all permissions and Create it.

Now got to your sub-domain on which you had install PhpMyAdmin and you will get login page and you can login with the user you had just created.

How To Fix And Set File Permissions On WordPress

No doubt WordPress is the most widely used CMS out there, you might be having one or two websites on WordPress, that’s why you are here, right? Sometimes WordPress can give you errors which don’t let you manage or upload files on it, but the best part of WordPress is that most of its errors are easy to fix. Recently I was moving one of my websites to another server, everything went fine and in no time I was ready to publish the post from the new server. But before I can publish and post blogs, I decided to update all pending plugins, as soon as I pushed update button, I was served with a new error. As you can see this error has occurred due to missing or bad file permissions.

Wordpress Wrong File Premission

Before we can fix this, let us see what happens behind the wall. As you know all of your WordPress files are hosted in a computer which you call server which is managed by your hosting company and this computer uses a special software to manage and run a server, either Apache or NGINX.

File and Folder permission tells the server who can read, write and execute the files which are hosted on your server as per their rights, commands with incorrect file permission will not allow any kind of changes or modifications on the files hosted on your server.

What Is the Default Or Secure File and Folder Permission for WordPress –

By default, you should set 755 permission for Folder and sub-folders whereas files should have 644 permission.

How To Set It –

First of all, you need an FTP client, I am going to use FileZilla here, which is a free and easy to use FTP client. Now login and once you are in the root folder of your blog.

For Folder –

File Permission Box

  • Select all folder and right click there and click on ‘File Permissions’

  • This will bring up a new dialog box, now set file permission as 755
  • Also, click on ‘Recurse into subdirectories’ checkbox and then select ‘Apply to directories only’ option.
  • That’s it, just click on Ok and sit back and relax, FileZilla will take some time and will set 755 as file permissions to all Folders.

For Files –

File Permissions WordPress

  • From the root directory of your blog, select all files and folders and right click on it and click on ‘File Permissions’
  • This will bring up a new dialog box, now set permission as 644
  • Also, click on ‘Recurse into subdirectories’ checkbox and then select ‘Apply to files only’ option’ option.
  • That’s it, just click on Ok and sit back and relax, FileZilla will take some time and will set 644 as file permissions to all Files.

[Solved] WordPress Address and Site Address URLs are disabled

The other day I was moving one of my new websites to my other server so that I can fully test it and make some changes to the site, all went smoothly and good. As we are using HTTPS across all of our iTechnixNetwork websites, I decided to change the URL to HTTPS via my WordPress admin dashboard so that by default website will load secure version whenever anyone visits that website.

So for this, I logged into my website admin panel then navigated to Dashboard -> Setting -> General, but there I found out that I am not able to change the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) fields as they as disabled or grayed out.

Wordpress Address URL Setting Disable

This usually happens when you move your website but forget to delete some codes or sometimes some themes come with some codes which disable this setting, solution of this problem is very simple, you just need to delete some lines from your WordPress files and you are ready to go.

First login to your FTP client and navigate to the folder where you have installed WordPress, now we have to edit your wp-config.php file*. Once you have opened the wp-config.php file, look for below mentioned two lines.


Once you have found these lines, either delete them or just comment them out, and you are done, refresh you General setting page and you should be able to edit those fields.

Still not able to do so? Try this.

Sometimes themes come with some code which also disables these fields, to solve this, you have to open function.php file of your theme and look for below-mentioned lines.


Again,  either delete them or just comment them out, and you are done.

[*] wp-config.php files is a very secure file which contains sensitive data of your websites, edit it at your own risk.

Shop & Ship 100% Off Discount Coupon

Many times I want to buy some product then first I check all of the websites available in my country and look for that product whether it is available there or not, if its there then I am done, but if that product is not available there then I have to go to global website like or so on and look for Ship to India, but not all products will fall into this category and many times you won’t find seller ready to ship product to India or to your country.


Then you left with two options, if you have any relatives there then just ask for their address, get that product delivered there and ask your relative to ship that product to you, but its a time consuming and not all of us have relatives in US or UK.

Now you have just one option, use forwarding services like Shop & Ship (S&S) which provides you a personalized local address of US, UK or of other countries so that you can get your product delivered there and then they will ship it to you. Shop & Ship is currently available in over 80 destinations globally.

Isn’t it good, well these companies charge you a healthy amount of money for their services, but today you can get this service for free of cost which usually cost $45.

ShopAndShip Coupon

Just head over to Ship&Shop and signup for their basic membership, fill all details and use the following coupon when on the payment page.


And that’s it, you will get the lifetime membership for nothing. If you ever need to buy products from out of your country, then this service will be there to help you out.

P.S. At the time of filling this story, this coupon is working, please let us know if it is not working for you and also do share your feedback on this or any other similar service.

[Solved] 404 Error On WordPress Post

No doubt on that WordPress is one of the most widely used and popular blogging platforms over the internet and nowadays even companies have started using WordPress for their main website, reason is dead simple, it is simple to use but yet it is a powerful CMS platform, even a newbie with almost no knowledge about coding can start blog in just 10 minutes and start posting on his/her blog.

WordPress Single Post 404 Error

It allows you to customize and tweak it as you want and sometimes a slight tweak can break your website but again what makes WordPress awesome is finding a solution is easy, you can head over WordPress support platform get your problem solved.

Today we are covering a problem which we have faced on one of our blogs, we were tweaking some setting and suddenly when we check our website and try to open any post it shows 404 error page, but posts were there as we can see them in the admin page.

If you are also facing same so first of all don’t panic as all of your posts as safe and you will get them back. The most common reason for this issue is your .htaccess file might get deleted or something happened with that file and causes rewrite rules issue.

A simple solution for this problem is to save your permalink structure again, all you need to do is head over to Setting->Permalink and save it as it is, nothing needs to change over here, just press Save button and you are good to go, just check your blog again and your posts must be showing up now, It updates permalinks settings of your website and flushes the rewrite rules.

WordPress Permalink

If above doesn’t solve your issue then, use FTP client and navigate to your directory and set permission for the .htaccess file as 666 and then repeat the above method and you will be done.

P.S. Don’t forget to change the permission for .htaccess file back to 660 once you are done.

Does Inactive WordPress Plugins Make Your Website Slow?

If you have websites build on top of WordPress then I am sure you must have searched or looked for the answer whether any inactive plugin will make your site slow or not. One of the benefits of having WordPress based blog or website is that you have thousands and thousands of plugins which makes your job much easier and simpler, even if you are new to WordPress and don’t have any knowledge about coding or so on, then also you have plugins to make your job much easier.

Inactive Plugin WordPress Slow

As told earlier, there are lots of plugins for different works, and over the period of time you might end up installing lots of plugins and you might not be using all of them and some of them may be inactive and you are no longer using them at all.

Does Inactive Plugins Affect Loading Time?

So does these inactive plugins affect the loading time of your wesbites, does these inactive plugins make your site slow, this is one of the most frequently asked question over WordPress forums.

Well a simple answer is NO, nope, inactive plugin does not affect your site loading time and they are not the reason for your sites slow loading time.

Let’s try to crack this in detail:-

When you request a website or we can say WordPress based website in your web browser, then website send some files to your browser so that it can render and display contents to you, WordPress never send any files from any inactive plugin, which means no file is being loaded from inactive plugins and end result is, it’s not making your site slow.

Wordpress New Plugin Page

You can take these inactive plugins as extra contents which WordPress throw in a store room or garage, and it will use them only when you ask for it, means when you activate them.

WordPress loads these plugins only when you open up your Plugin page, even then also it only loads header of those plugins to display its information.

Should I Delete Those Inactive Plugins?

Well answer to this question is very simple, if you have downloaded and installed any plugin to try out something and it didn’t work, then simply delete that plugin without any second thought.

If you have uninstalled plugin for some time or due to any reason like you might be trying out something else or so on and soon you will be back to that plugin, then keep it, no need to delete that plugin as when you deactivate any plugin, WordPress still keeps its setting with it so that when you activate it again, you will have as it is settings back.

Any Risk Involved In Keeping Inactive Plugins?

Yes, some time attackers might use those plugins to attack your websites as even those are inactive, but they have got files which can get infected, another thing is that even if you are not using those plugins, WordPress keep showing you updates for those plugins which are annoying.

As a security measure, you should delete inactive plugins if you are not planning to use it in near future, else keep it with you.

So now we know none of the inactive plugins make your site slow, if your website is not loading fine, then you should look for other reasons.

How To Add Hreflang Tag In WordPress (With And Without Plugin)

WordPress is not just a blogging platform anymore, nowadays more and more companies are using it WordPress to build their full fledge websites, and if you too using WordPress to make your own website and your website publish contents in more than one language then you should be aware of Hreflang tag, how important this Hreflang tag is for you and for your website, and it can make your website perform well in SERP, it can improve your SEO those regions and languages.

What Is Hreflang Tag?

Hreflang tag tells the search engine to show a particular page for region and language, you can even show your content is targeted toward another variant of the language, by extending the hreflang attribute which indicates to which region the content is targeted for, like in below example es-es is targeted for Spanish in Spain, whereas, es-mx is for Spanish in Mexico:-

<link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”en-us” />
<link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”fr-fr” />
<link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”es-es” />
<link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”es-mx” />

Noawadays Search Engine is smart enough to identify the language of the page and automatically match it to the language settings on user’s browser. But if you are publishing same contents in the different language then your own contents will be competing with each other.

To solve this issue, you can use hreflang tag, here we will see how you can add this tag in WordPress with Plugin or Without Plugin.

How To Add Hreflang Tag in WordPress With a Plugin:-

If you don’t want to dig yourself in code, and want a simple way out then you can use Polylang plugin, it is a free multilingual plugin which you can use to make your multilingual WordPress site.


This plugin will take care of all technical things and lets you focus on your content only. Polylang has a simple but very useful interface.

How To Add Hreflang Tag in WordPress Without a Plugin:-

If you don’t want to use a plugin or want more control over your control then you can do it, this is the beauty of WordPress, it lets you publish contents they way you want, it lets your take control of your contents.

HREFLANG Tags Lite Plugin

You can install HREFLANG Tags Lite, a free plugin, and once install and activated, it will add a menu to your WordPress Admin page, just navigate to it and select the post type on which you want to enable it.

HREFLANG Tags Lite Plugin Option

Once done, edit page or post and you will see a new meta box there, first, you need to add the URL and then add a language, you click Plus button to add other variations. Once done, update your post and you are done.

How To Check:-

To check whether you have implemented Hreflag tags properly or not, then you need to visit your page and view its source code and press CTRL+F or Command+F and search for hreflang tags there.

Do let us know how you like to use hreflang tags, with a plugin or without a plugin.

Web Hosting Offers For Christmas And New Year

Black Friday and Cyber Monday has gone, these two are the most awaited days of the year for those who loves online shopping, if you were not able to buy your favorite web hosting or missed chance to get good hosting at cheap price then dont be sad as companies has came up with some more cool and exciting offers for you. As we all know Christmas and New Year is just around the corner and web hosting companies are providing you a last chance of the year to get yourself online.

Here we are going to list some cool offers from top of the line web hosting companies which are well known and popular over internet. So you can check out these offers and buy which suits your need.

iPage, 83 Percent off on all hosting plans :-

iPage is an very old web hosting company which provides shared hosting, VPS, dedicated & WordPress hosting. With their hosting plans, you will get free domain, marketing credit worth $500 & 30-day money-back guarantee.

iPage Christmas New Year Offer

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Inmotion Hosting, 56 Percent Off :-

Inmotion is one of the most popular and reliable name in web hosting industry, they provide shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Inmotion is well known for its support system and powerful servers.

This seems to be one of the best deal if you are looking for best hosting provider, here you will get up to 56 percent off with free domain.

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SiteGround, Up to 60 percent off :-

SiteGround has recently picked up very well, all due to to speedy, secure and quality hosting, and on top of this they also provide quality support which help you in almost every scenario. SiteGround is now offering up to 60 percent off on their hosting plan along with free domain for you.

SiteGround Holiday Offers

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WP Engine, 25% Off :-

If you are having WordPress based blog and you dont want to take any kind of tension for backup, managing updates and all then WP Engine is the right choice for you. They only provide dedicated WordPress hosting and they know how to manage WordPress blog and make it fast.

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Dreamhost, 50% Off :-

Dreamhost is one of the oldest player in hosting industry, Dreamhost is one of the most popular, and they hosting some of the big companies and brand on their servers. Now they are offering 50 percent off which seems to be a big deal.

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Ping List For WordPress And Other Website For Fast Indexing

Writing post or content is one of the crucial and most important task, your content should be unique and new so that readers can gain something from it, but having a great content is not the only thing you need, you need to syndicate your blog post and let the world know that you have written something on something and then only you will get viewers, let say you have written a great piece of content but still you are not able to get good number of viewers to your website or blog, Why?

Ping Services List

We all know the original and worthy traffic comes from search engines, neither direct nor social media traffic can beat the search engine traffic, so you need to tell each of the search engines that you have published something as soon as you are done with posting your content.

There are tons of search engines or crawler which can help you to get organic traffic but it’s not possible for you to tell them manually each time when you publish a post, here come the ping services which helps you. These ping services ping the search engines and let them know about your content.

We have compiled the best and useful ping services which you can use on your website to drive traffic, we update this list time to time, so make sure you check it regularly.

[*] Make sure you add your XML sitemap url in place of SITEMAP-URL in above list.

If you are using WordPress, then just head to Settings->Writing and copy and paste above list under ping options, if you are on any other platform then also you can use above ping services to let the world know about your new posts or contents.

Setup Proper HTTPS And Don’t Loss SEO

Last year Google has said that websites using HTTPS or secure version will get little bit SEO boost and perform better on search result page. After this, many websites has started using HTTPS, and as a result over 30% of Google Search result are using HTTPS. So by now you know using HTTPS on your website might boost your SEO but there can be negative effects as well if it is not implemented correctly, I have seen many websites implemented HTTPS version but it has put negative effect on it.

Implement Proper HTTPS

There are certain issues which can lower your rank or result in loss of SEO of your websites, some major issues are :-

  • Not Setting HTTPS as Primary version
  • Link Dilution
  • Duplicate Content
  • Wasting crawling

Not Setting HTTPS as Primary Version :-

This is the most common issue which I have seen with most of the websites implemented HTTPS, as a result of which, Google or any other search engine will crawl both versions of your website, means HTTP and HTTPS and can show in SERP which leads to further issues like.

Link Dilutions :-

If both HTTP and HTTPS versions of your websites are live which means some users will land on HTTP and some on HTTPS, and when users share your content on any of social media websites like Facebook or Twitter, the social signal and link equity which you will get is going to split into two part, for HTTP and HTTPS which is not good, we want social signal for one URL only.

Duplicate Content:-

This is the major issue which you will face, if proper redirection is not made then the search engine will crawl both HTTP and HTTPS contents which will result in duplicate content.

To fix this issue either redirect your HTTP to HTTPS or use proper canonical tags to fix the duplicate issue.

Wasting Crawling :-

If you have both HTTPS and HTTP websites live then search engine crawler is going to crawl both websites instead of just one which can be an issue for big websites having large number of post and contents

If you have both HTTPS and HTTP websites live then search engine crawler is going to crawl both websites instead of just one which can be an issue for big websites having large numbers of post and contents.

How to Fix this :-

  • Set your preferred domain in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Add both www and non-www version of your website in webmaster tools
  • Indicate the preferred URL with the rel=”canonical” link element
  • Use a sitemap and set preferred URLs for the same content
  • Use 301 redirects HTTP URLs to HTTPS
  • Prefer HTTPS over HTTP for canonical links
  • Make sure internal links point to HTTPS as well including all links pointing to CSS, Javascript and all
  • Change external links which you can like on social media to HTTPS

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