How To Install PhpMyAdmin On Webmin/Virtual

Webmin/Virtualmin is a great alternative of cPanel and comes with several features, if you looking for a proper way to install PhpMyAdmin, then here it is.

How To Fix And Set File Permissions On WordPress

Sometimes your WordPress won’t let you upload files or create new folder due to lack of file permissions, here is the way to set it and fix it.

[Solved] WordPress Address and Site Address URLs are disabled

If you are not able to change the Wordpress And Site Address URLs as they are disabled or just grayed out, here are the possible ways why that happen with the solution of the same.

Shop & Ship 100% Off Discount Coupon

Shop & Ship provides more than 80 personalized address so that you can shop freely across the globe, now get their service for nothing, it is totally free.

[Solved] 404 Error On WordPress Post

Many times if you tweak your WordPress it shows 404 Error on your post even when posts are there, a simple fix of your 2 minutes can bring your posts back.

Does Inactive WordPress Plugins Make Your Website Slow?

One of the most frequently asked questions over any WordPress forums is whether an inactive plugin slows down your website or not, let’s try to find out.

How To Add Hreflang Tag In WordPress (With And Without Plugin)

Do you have multilingual WordPress website? You should add hreflang tag into it, here is a simple guide to add hreflang tag with a plugin or without it.

Web Hosting Offers For Christmas And New Year

If you have missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals then don’t worry here are some cool web hosting offers for you.

Ping List For WordPress And Other Website For Fast Indexing

Here are the top and very useful list of ping services which can help you to drive more organic traffic to your blog or website.

Setup Proper HTTPS And Don’t Loss SEO

Most of the websites are implementing HTTPS to boost SEO, but if it is not implemented in the proper way, it could have the negative impact as well.

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